1. jole borders says

    very funny i to know what it is also like to lose a dog that is very close.
    My mom was giving the dogs a bath and my dad came in when she was giving the last dog a bath and she told him to take the dog to the vet so he did when he came back she said where is the dog? He said the dog died because of a hart attack. My mom started to cry a few years later went by and then my dad got another dog. My mom said she did not want any more dogs but when he gave her the dog the dogs was a Chihuahua so she changed her mine. Five years past the chihuahua he brought home was breeding with another chihuahua so after that we got two more chihuahua’s but my mom got to pick them in 2011 or 2012 one of the chihuahua’s died over something i don’t remember but we still have the dog my dad brought home that dogs dog and another that is a mix between two types of dogs.

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