Getting Away With Murder

I never dreamed that my beloved family pet would be a victim of murder.

Even now, I still sometimes think I see him under the table, or sitting in the yard.

It turns out to be my daughter’s backpack, or just a shadow though.

What makes this even worse, is that the perpetrator is getting away with murder.

Yes, God will take care of this. The man will pay for his actions, just like we all will one day.

But I thought our society was better than this.

I thought we cared enough about our four-legged friends that we’d deliver justice to those who wrongly harm them.

In Oklahoma, there is a law against cruelty to animals:

Any person who shall willfully or maliciously overdrive, overload, torture, destroy or kill, or cruelly beat or injure, maim or mutilate, any animal in subjugation or captivity, whether wild or tame, and whether belonging to himself or to another, or deprive any such animal of necessary food, drink or shelter; or who shall cause, procure or permit any such animal to be so overdriven, overloaded, tortured, destroyed or killed, or cruelly beaten or injured, maimed or mutilated, or deprived of necessary food, drink or shelter; or who shall willfully set on foot, instigate, engage in, or in any way further any act of cruelty to any animal, or any act tending to produce such cruelty, shall be guilty of a felony and shall be punished by imprisonment in the State Penitentiary not exceeding five (5) years, or by imprisonment in the county jail not exceeding one (1) year, or by a fine not exceeding Five Hundred Dollars ($500.00). Any officer finding an animal so maltreated or abused shall cause the same to be taken care of, and the charges therefore shall be a lien upon such animal, to be collected thereon as upon a pledge or a lien.

You can read this on theĀ Oklahoma Public Legal Research System website.

Basically, the man who killed my dog should be serving up to five years in prison, or a year in jail, or have to pay up to $500 in fines.

But he is not. Why?

Because he hid the body.

I think someone should develop a GPS tracker for dogs, kind of like the micro-chip, that is not removable, but would allow a pet owner to find their animal, no matter where the beloved pet may be.