Is No-Kill Really Humane?

Animal Shelter

MorgueFile by hamia

We recommended the movie Redemption: The No-Kill Revolution In America last week. It sounds like a great idea, right?

But what does the no-kill policy really mean when overwhelmed shelters fill up and animals have no place to go?

This article on the PETA website tells dozens of horrific stories of no-kill rescues gone wrong.

Here is just one story that took place in my state:

August 27, 2012/Wilburton, Oklahoma: The owners of the Cajun Country Ranch animal “rescue” pleaded guilty to charges of animal abuse and child neglect and were sentenced to five years of probation after authorities found the floor of the couple’s home covered with feces and cockroaches. The couple’s three children were taken into state custody, and authorities seized more than 70 animals.

So what is better? A humane death, or hopeless warehousing?

Or is there another option?

What do you think?

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